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Today's food and beverage producers need access to cutting edge processing equipment, along with deep expertise of markets, processes and technologies. Our solutions and best practices will help you excel in food safety, efficiency, product quality and environmental performance.

Our dedicated team brings decades of application expertise to your projects, delivering not only guaranteed performance but also providing steadfast support throughout the plant's lifetime.

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Processing equipment

We provide complete solutions and equipment for dairy, cheese, ice cream, JNSD and other beverages, powder, plant-based, food and new food. Our processing equipment enables food manufacturers to achieve superior production. We deliver plant solutions with high performance and offer support over the lifetime of the plant. With our technical capability and strong local presence, we can meet all your product and process needs.

Tetra Pak® Indirect UHT unit DC

Find your equipment

Tetra Alblend SA final Beverage


Continuous in-line or manual batch, our blending solutions make sure your products feature consistent flavour, colour, texture and other key characteristics.

Tetra Pak® Aseptic Tank LV Top hires


Buffer tanks balance processes by temporarily storing product on the line. Our tanks for aseptic and non-aseptic products boost efficiency and cut product loss.

Carbonization equipment


Adding and keeping bubbles in drinks takes sophisticated equipment. Static mixing plus precise flow, pressure and temperature controls make our solutions ideal.

Cleaning equipment Cleaning-in-Place, CIP


Our CIP equipment is known for its high accuracy. This means faster cleaning, greater uptime, lower utilities consumption, and less risk of food safety issues.

Tetra Pak® Aseptic Dosing unit E


Colours, flavours, vitamins and more benefit from aseptic dosing. Our dosing solutions meet any need – from same-ingredient dosing to injections before filling.

Extraction equipment for tea and soy


Producing tea our soy? Our semi-continuous extraction system cools and clarifies your tea, while our soy unit extracts concentrate via sophisticated processes.

heat exchanger

Heat transfer

Heat treatment is critical for food safety, product quality, and cost-effective, sustainable processing. Our solutions ensure consistently high-quality results.

Tetra Pak Homogenizer


Perfecting homogenization takes the right technology, optimally configured and operated. Discover our reliable, cost-effective and sustainable solutions.

Ultra filtration unit

Membrane filtration

From dairy and plant-based to alternative ingredients and process water recovery, our portfolio comprises a wide range of proven systems and membrane types

high shear mixer


Consumers want perfect products every time, and mixing is a key part of ensuring this. Our extensive line of equipment will help you master this critical step.

Tetra Pak Pasteurizer


Pasteurization makes products safe, extends shelf life, reduces spoilage and can even alter characteristics. Our low-TCO solutions will meet your every need.

Tetra Pak Separator


Whether you separate milk or remove particles from juice, you’ll get excellent product quality, efficiency and flexibility from our separation equipment.

Standardization unit


Speed and precision are critical in product standardisation. Sophisticated instruments enable our systems to deliver great results and save on ingredients.

​​​​​​​​​​​​Sugar dissolving

Sugar dissolving

Dissolving sugar consumes significant energy. Tightly controlled dosing enables our equipment to reduce energy consumption and prevent overdosing and dilution.

Sugar dissolver

Sugar treatment

On-site unrefined sugar processing is in demand. Our “ion exchange” treatment technology helps you refine sugar with ICUMSA levels once thought out of range.

UHT unit

UHT treatment

UHT treatment is about temperature and time. Our direct-treatment option gives you high product quality, while indirect treatment maximises cost-efficiency.

Blockformer system 6

Blockforming and bagging

Looking for fast, effective blockforming? Our vacuum technique meets every need. After blockforming, we help with bag loading, vacuum sealing and cartoning.

Processing equipment for cheese curd making

Curd making

Curd making is at the heart of cheese production. Rely on our vast experience and comprehensive range of solutions for almost every type of cheese.

Draining, Cheddaring and Mellowing

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Draining, Cheddaring & Mellowing

From the world’s only continuous production system for cheddar and filata, to batch production equipment for artisanal cheeses, our solutions meet every need.

Draining, Forming & Mould filling for cheese production

Draining, Forming & Mould filling

Looking for high running times, capacity, whey drainage control, and weight and moisture accuracy? Discover our continuous draining, forming & filling system.

Tetra Pak Drainer Washer 2

Draining & Washing

High-volume cottage cheese production requires specialised equipment. Our solution integrates a draining belt, extra rinsing where needed, and blending.

Tetra Pak Cooker Stretcher DAW 2/6

Cooking and stretching

Get just the right fibrous structure in your pasta filata without cooking and stretching machines. Three main technologies cover every need you’ll encounter.

Cheese brining systems

Brining and cooling

Whether you brine to slow lactose conversion, ensure rind formation, cool filata or just add flavour, our solutions make sure you get the job done right.

Tetra Pak Mould Handling w Enclosed Presses Front2 lowres

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Pressing and acidification

Designed to meet any pressing needs, our automated systems come in open, closed and container versions. We’ll help you choose just the right solution.

blender VCC

Curd blending and buffering

Handle almost any cheese on a single line with our proven blending solutions. Perfect texture and particle distribution. High efficiency. Low product loss.

Tetra Pak® String Cheese Cutter AC

String cheese making

From cutting and extruding to our Exact Weight system for pasta filata, Tetra Pak string cheese machines are proven solutions, supported by vast expertise.

Cheese moulding machine

Moulding and chilling

For pizza cheese, mozzarella and provolone moulding, we offer two automated solutions – the low-cost, low-complexity RMC 2 and its big brother, the 8/12.

Dry salting equipment for cheese

Dry salting

Whether you need to meter salt to a flow of mozzarella or to ensure the perfect salt concentration in cheddar, our solutions are accurate, durable and flexible.

Curd distribution tank

Curd distribution

Count on Tetra Pak equipment and experienced processing specialists to make sure your curd is distributed evenly to all outlets prior to blockforming.

Read more about Cheese rennet dosing unit

Rennet mixing

For batch mixing GDL powder into concentrated cheese milk and inline rennet dosing, rely on proven Tetra Pak GDL and Rennet Dosing and White Cheese units.

Man in front of computer screens

Digital solutions for ice cream

Numerous factors make ice cream production a difficult process. Our tailored digital solutions will help you succeed at lower cost and with higher profits.

Mix preparation

Mix preparation

Mix preparation is a complex process. From individual units to customised plants, our solutions handle every need, while ensuring food safety and hygiene.

Tetra Pak Continuous Freezer A2


There’s no limit to consumer demand for ice cream experiences. A tightly controlled freezing process enables our technologies to handle thousands of recipes.

Ingredient doser

Ingredient dosing

Inclusions make the ultimate ice cream experience, but only when dosed correctly. Our equipment ensures accurate, even dosing, gentle handling and less waste.

processing liquid pumping and enrobing

Liquid pumping

Adding chocolate, caramel or other liquids is a great way to enrich ice cream. Trust our pumping and enrobing solutions to deliver ingredients right every time.

filling machine


Cone filling needs to reduce product waste and minimise line stops. With the highest dispensing accuracy on the market, our units mean superior line efficiency.

Ice cream extrusion line


For novelty ice creams, extrusion is the way to go. Our equipment is almost twice as fast as competitor solutions, meaning better ROI and profitability.

Tetra Pak Rotary Moulder 27 M3 ice cream moulding


Our rotary and inline moulding equipment ensures a viscosity that allows inclusions and extra air. The result? A smooth mouthfeel and lower mix consumption.

Processing equipment Handling


Gently dipping and transferring ice cream is difficult. Our units excel in all areas – including transfer to wrapping thanks to automatic speed adaptation.

Hardening tunnel


To ensure the right texture, our hardening equipment delivers rapid, efficient cooling, accelerated by ‘wind chill’ directly on products. Up to 20% less energy.

Tetra Pak® Wrapper


Tetra Pak wrappers offer superior hygiene and cost-reducing benefits from precision placement and cutting to the ability to handle very thin wrapping.

Secondary packaging

Secondary packaging

If you handle wrapped novelties, sleeved cones, cups, tubes and other products, rely on our packaging conveyors get the job done with less risk of stoppages

bag tipping discharger

Tipping & discharging

Start powder handling right, with safe, high-efficiency tipping & discharge equipment. We handle a wide range of materials, formats, capacities and rates.

Tetra Pak Sifter TR201

Screening & Sifting

With options for sifting, crushing and cleaning, our screening & sifting equipment crushes lumps, removes foreign bodies, and catches ferrous particles.

Tetra Pak Screw Conveyor ET

Conveying & transferring

From heavy-duty truck discharge to ‘high-care’ conveyors and high-pressure discharging systems, our solutions meet your every conveying and transfer need.

Tetra Pak Dust Filter FL200

Filtration & separation

Hygienic dust filtering is a critical step. Our filters separate and recycle powder from air flow in volumetric exchange or pneumatic conveying applications.

Tetra Pak Powder Feeder DN061

Dosing & weighing

Tetra Pak powder feeder and screw conveyor solutions meet all your powder dosing and weighing needs, precisely controlling both flow and accurate dosing.

Tetra Pak Powder Mixer B3500

Mixing & blending

Dry mixing must ensure homogeneity quickly and without damaging particles. Convection and diffusion technologies make our solutions fast, accurate and gentle.

Big Bag Filling unit, powder filling equipment

Packing and handling

For Big Bag filling, our units are safe, easy to operate and clean. They meet stringent hygiene standards and help prevent powder loss and dust emissions.

Tetra Pak Air Jet Cleaning system for Powder highlighted

Powder cleaning

Handling lots of recipes demands frequent mixer cleaning. Our solution helps you avoid unnecessary downtime, switch recipes easily, and keep quality high.

Spray dryer

Spray drying

Spray drying extends product shelf life, while reducing weight and volume. Explore our industry-leading spray dryers for dairy and plant-based products.

Tetra Pak Evaporator


Ensuring process efficiency and continuous flow are big challenges in evaporation. As a leading equipment producer, we have what it takes to meet your needs.

Processing handbooks

cows in field

Dairy Processing Handbook

​The book concentrates our vast know-how and provides in-depth, yet easy-to-understand, information on dairy manufacturing processes.

coconuts on trees

Coconut Handbook

The coconut handbook is capturing our expertise and experience in the coconut category including the health and nutritional benefits of coconut products.

picking oranges from trees

Orange Book

The Orange Book is your comprehensive guide to orange juice production – from tree to table.

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employee next to filling machines

Filling machines

Filling machines are tailored to your production needs, from aseptic to chilled or food manufacturing, ensuring customisation and efficiency.

downstream equipment

Downstream equipment

To improve productivity in the handling, palletising process, and transportation, explore our downstream equipment to increase your productivity and lower operating costs.

processing equipment

Integrated lines

To maximise efficiency and minimize waste in food and beverage production, explore our integrated lines designed to work together, seamlessly – without the need for multiple suppliers.