Tetra Pak® Dip and Transfer unit

Ice cream transfer lines

Tetra Pak Dip and Transfer units are suitable for the transfer of frozen ice cream stick novelties, sandwich products, cones and wafer cups from trays of a Tetra Pak® Extrusion Tunnel to Tetra Pak® Singlelane Wrappers and Tetra Pak® Multilane Wrappers. They can all be connected to the different Tetra Pak® Extrusion Tunnels. All models can be equipped to coat with juice as well as chocolate. Two models are available with different capacities and lanes.

Tetra Pak® Dip and Transfer unit M includes:

  • Gripper lamellas for holding the products
  • Stationary dipping tanks with dipping cup lift
  • Positive transfer to wrapping

Tetra Pak® Dip and Transfer unit A includes:

  • Gripper arms, which can move out of chain for dipping and product release
  • Higher capacity thanks to stationary dipping tanks
  • Improved hygiene thanks to horizontal in-feed of sticks
  • Positive transfer to wrapping​​

​Model and Capacity

  • ​Tetra Pak® Dip and Transfer unit M1
    - Up to 12,000 standard dipping processes

  • ​Tetra Pak® Dip and Transfer unit A2​
    - 12,000 – 33,000 standard dipping processes or multi-la​​​​yer processes

  • ​Tetra Pak® Dip and Transfer unit A3
    - Up to 42,300 standard dipping processes or multi-layer processes
Tetra Pak Dip and transfer unit