​​​​​​​​​​Standard​ization equipment for dairy products

When standardizing dairy products, the cream and milk are first separated on a dairy line. The two elements are then mixed together again. However, not all of the original fat content is added back; only the exact level required for milk to be classified as skimmed, semi skimmed or whole (or the required amount of fat for different cream products).

The same process is used to get the exact fat content required when using milk as an ingredient in yoghurt, cheese etc. Standardization can also refer to the ‘re-adding’ of protein content - in precise quantities as required – when making different products.

What’s special about Tetra Pak’s standardization process is its speed and precision. Using the most sophisticated instruments to measure the ingredients, and a powerful computer to calculate and control the process, we help you achieve both fast and accurate results. Continuous monitoring of output lets you respond rapidly to any unwanted deviations, and so ensure consistent product quality. This means you save on high value ingredients, which makes your standardization operations highly cost-efficient.


Tetra Pak® Standardization unit⁠

Tetra Pak Standardization unit - Direct In-line standardization

Unit for automatic in-line standardization of the fat, protein, total solids and solids-non-fat in milk and cream directly after a separator

Pouring milk

Standardization unit continuous product control

Tetra Pak Standardization unit with continuous product control is the only method for the continuous accurate in-line measurement and control of standardized milk products