Moving towards a circular economy

Our paper-based carton packages are already recyclable where adequate collection, sorting and recycling infrastructures are in place. In places where collection infrastructure is still being built up, we’re co-investing with recyclers in new equipment and facilities to increase recycling capacity. We collaborate with several stakeholders around the world to create market demand for recycled products – and we design our carton packages to increase the fibre content and use of recycled materials.

Discover new recycling cases

 PolyAl recycling in Italy

Circularity gets a boost in Southern Europe

In Italy, our collaboration with the polyAl recyclers Ecorevive and Ecoplasteam draws on our network to promote their products and find new opportunities.

PolyAl granules in Lucart

Lucart Italy expands polyAl recycling

In collaboration with Newpal, Lucart Italy has completed the installation of a polyAl line producing granules used for the production of pallets.

Recycling in Austria and Netherlands

Forward-looking regulation is set to accelerate recycling in Austria and the Netherlands

Both countries saw specific targets for beverage cartons implemented.

 PolyAl recycling in Spain

Spain focuses on expanding market demand for polyAl

In Spain, a number of ambitious projects facilitate and accelerate the recycling of polyAI.

Sorting and recycling in China

New automated sorting plant for beverage cartons in operation in China

In Xiamen, China, a first-of-its-kind automatic sorting centre for low-value recyclables has started operation.

New recycling plant for beverage cartons in Egypt

Joining forces with leading paperboard producer to set up a new recycling plant for beverage cartons in Egypt

The plant has the capacity to recycle 8,000 tonnes of carton packages annually.

Recycling in Paraguay

First beverage cartons recycling facility in Paraguay

Fully integrated plant, with fibres recycled into secondary packaging and polyAl into boards and tiles.

Recycling in the US

Recycling infrastructure improvements in Michigan, US

New equipment allows for more carton packages to be processed.

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Acting for sustainability

Overview of Circularity, Biodiversity, Food and Climate

Moving towards a circular economy

Tackling challenges throughout the food value chain from responsibly sourced renewable raw materials to end of life. Explore our efforts to move towards a circular economy.

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