​​​​​​​Aseptic dosing of heat-sensitive ingredients

We offer two solutions for aseptic dosing of heat-sensitive ingredients for beverages.


  • The Tetra FlexDos™ with aseptic transfer of pre-sterilised additives.
    Tetra FlexDos is a unique and highly innovative new technique where ingredients are injected with high precision into the base product, just before filling.​

  • The Tetra Aldose® with in-line sterile filtration.
    Tetra Aldose can be used for a wide dosing range and is very cost-efficient for production with the same ingredient.​


Examples of additives suitable for aseptic dosing are lactase, colours, flavours, probiotics, Omega 3, vitamins, salt and rennet solutions.​

Aseptic in-line or batch​​ dosing​

There are two main approaches to producing UHT milk products: in batches or in-line.​​ Take a look at the sketch of the batch and in-line solutions. You can immediately see that there’s much less hardware needed for the in-line solution: no need for a thermizer/pasteurizer and no need for the intermediate storage tanks. The milk goes directly from reception to the UHT unit, followed by a very compact in-line aseptic dosing unit placed before or after the aseptic buffer tank. This means a much smaller footprint – and a reduced investment cost.

View image below and read more in ​ The value of adding value, Tetra Aldose® and Tetra FlexDos™​ (pdf)

aseptic in-line and batch dosing


Tetra Aldose

Tetra Aldose®

Aseptic dosing of true solutions and suspensions containing particles smaller than 0.22microns into aseptic systems.

Tetra FlexDos

Tetra FlexDos™

Tetra FlexDos™ is a unique and innovative new technique where functional ingredients are injected with high precision into the base product after the final heat treatment, just before filling.

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