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Tetra Pak Magazine, Deeper in the pyramid

Tetra Pak Magazine No. 104 — Deeper in the Pyramid

Available and affordable food is critical, not least to the two billion people found “Deeper in the Pyramid” – a category of consumers with a spending power of between €1.80 and €7.20 per day. Their priority is to build the foundations for a good future for themselves and their children. This means focusing on health, education, nutritious food, clean water, shelter, reliable transport and communications. They represent an important category and offer many business opportunities.

In this edition of the Tetra Pak Magazine, we look closely at these opportunities. We present some of the many ways in which Tetra Pak is helping customers meet the needs of low-income consumers around the world with nutritious, safe, quality packaged food and beverages. We also highlight examples of companies in other industries and examine the business models they are using to leverage this exciting opportunity.​

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