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Welcome to the Tetra Pak Packaging Insights page. Explore our cases & articles to learn more about how we have developed a range of packages to protect both the nutritional value and the taste of the products inside. Thanks to Tetra Pak technology, the packaging and distribution of liquid and food products to the consumer has been greatly facilitated.​

Packaging cases & white papers

Tea with ginger and honey in Tetra Prisma Aseptic carton

Ready-to-drink herbal beverage attracts younger generation

When New Concept Product in Thailand wanted to expand its business, they teamed up with Tetra Pak to launch a new ginger drink for on-the-go consumption

Tetra Rex optimized filling white paper

Increase Tetra Rex production by 500 p/h with optimized filling

Discover how the new patented technology, optimized filling, allows you to increase machine speed and fill more difficult products.

Flavoured milk

Stay on top of consumer trends

Current consumer trends and UHT technology – a perfect match? Absolutely.

Mother and a child looking at smartphone

Scan and win promotion generated consumer loyalty

Sales of nectar drinks increased almost instantly as thousands participated in an instant prize draw. A scan and win promotion was a new way to connect with consumers and gave a deeper insight into consumer behaviour with real-time scanning data.

Couple looking at a laptop

Virtual currency boosted sale

The collecting of virtual coins to exchange for prizes was an incentive for consumers to purchase and scan packs of nectar. Coins could be exchanged for prizes during this scan and win campaign. As a result, sales of the brand of nectar rose by 10%.

Young woman in a sofa with laptop and smartphone

Scan and win promotion generated consumer loyalty

A dairy company launched a scan and win promotion in the run-up to Christmas. The promotion was a success that far exceeded expectations. Sales rose by 28%. They sold 300,000 litres more milk in December 2020 compared to 2019.

Sales increased by 18%

How consumer engagement increased sales by 18%

A company in Latin America increased sales by 18% when using a Connected Package scan and win promotion with relevant content about fitness and health.

How a dairy company got access to information about their customers

How a dairy company got access to information about their customers

A fun and educational campaign, created via our Consumer Engagement Solution, gave a dairy company in Europe access to a wealth of information about their custo

How a Chinese dairy boosted brand awareness of their high-quality ambient yoghurt

Sales of yoghurt increased by 12% in China with a scan and win promotion

A dairy company in China created brand loyalty with a scan and win promotion using our Consumer Engagement Solutions and Tetra Pak® Connected Package Platform.

Climate change, water scarcity and consumer health are among challenges

Challenges, trends and opportunities in juice, nectar and still drinks industry

Climate change, access to water, energy costs and the health trend among consumers are among the trends facing the juice, nectar and still drinks industry.​

Laurence Mott

Protecting food - before, during and after COVID-19

Laurence Mott, VP Development and Engineering talks about food safety from end to end, industry collaboration along with stringent standards to protect food​.

Truck in warehouse, packaging material

Providing critical nutritional products to those in need

The COVID-19 pandemic has put unprecedented pressure on food supply chains worldwide, where meeting any unexpected request truly challenges lateral thinking