Our success depends on our people performing at their best – and for this they need to feel motivated, connected and valued. By making sure our employees are engaged, we create a culture of personal responsibility, diversity and innovation.

​​​​​​​​​​Shared values

We employ 23,600 people around the world, and their engagement and dedication is essential to help us develop and maintain our competitive edge. Our company culture is based on a set of strong, shared core values that guide us in our day-to-day business and create unity and cohesion across our global sites:

  • Customer focus and long-term view
  • Quality and innovation
  • Freedom and responsibility
  • Partnership and fun.

Measuring engagement

Our employee engagement survey is a key element in helping us to measure how connected and motivated our people are to perform at their best, and one of the ways in which we can check how we are delivering against the promises we make to them.

The survey covers a wide range of areas, including diversity, leadership and sustainable engagement. The participation rate for our latest survey, at the end of 2015, was 85%, which compares favourably with the high-performance norm and demonstrates our employees’ commitment and willingness to share their opinions with us.

The proportion of positive responses on sustainable engagement – 82% – also puts us on a par with companies performing at world-class level. We are delighted to have maintained such a high score at a time of considerable organizational change.

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Reward and recognition

Recognizing good work is important to us, and we acknowledge colleagues who make an exceptional difference to both our company and our customers in a number of ways. For example, through our Excellence Awards, all employees can nominate a colleague who they feel should be recognized in one of four categories: customer, innovation, operation or leadership. We also present awards for market and factory of the year.

Recognizing and rewarding employees in China

Retaining employees in an environment where there is fierce competition for skilled workers requires recognition for those who go the extra mile, beyond our six global awards. Employees who go above and beyond expectations in their daily work can be nominated for a Spontaneous Award, for example for accountability, teamwork and innovation. At any time, employees in Tetra Pak China might get some form of recognition, such as a “thank you” card from a manager or co-worker for making progress or reaching a project milestone. Special contributions in their own function might result in a nomination for a “functional yearly recognition”, while 10 years in the company, and every fifth anniversary thereafter, results in a Long Service Award.

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