​​​​​​​​​​​​​Orange book - the juice journey from tree to table​​​

New updated edition out now​

Thanks to its rich taste and wholesome benefits, orange juice is the world’s favourite juice beverage. The Orange Book is your comprehensive guide to orange juice production – from tree to table.

Freshly updated with the latest market data and new illustrations, the Orange Book presents new findings on vitamin C retention and optimized pasteurization temperatures, along with developments in high-pressure processing and cleaning-in-place. It documents significant changes in the juice market and includes up-to-date research on orange juice consumption patterns in key regions.

The book also covers new regulatory standards and examines how online retail trends and grocery outlet diversification impact distribution and packaging requirements.

Meeting market challenges

As consumers demand ever-higher standards, juice producers need to understand market needs to compete effectively. This is a challenge because orange juice is a complex beverage that is sensitive to handling and treatment.

A leading global supplier of juice processing equipment and packaging systems, Tetra Pak has extensive expertise in orange juice production. The Orange Book is our way to share this knowledge with customers and beverage professionals and students worldwide.

The book guides you through the complete orange juice journey. Starting in the citrus grove, it explains the various types of orange fruit before describing the different processing and packaging phases and how the end product is distributed to consumers.

From juices to nectars

From bulk concentrate and onwards, much of the book’s content also applies to orange nectars and other types of fruit juices. However, the production requirements for pure orange juice are usually more stringent​ so as to satisfy consumer expectations in this segment.

We hope you will find the Orange Book useful in helping you to understand and provide nature’s most popular and enjoyable fruit juice.​​​