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Highlighted white papers

Oat-based beverage

Processing core technologies for intelligent customization

Oat-based beverages are winning increased popularity. As a useful starting point for producers entering this segment, we have identified the main challenges

Yoghurt and blueberries

Introducing clean label yoghurt

Consumers are increasingly aware of and concerned about the ingredients in the food they consume and express a desire to see a reduced number of additives

Cream cheese bowl and bread

White paper: Spreadable cheese quality – ingredients

Cream cheese, processed cheese or recombined cheese, this white paper covers the best methods for achieving the underlying structural changes – and what makes a

Processing cases & white papers

Maintenance tubular heat exchanger

Reducing energy and utility consumption

Our next generation of tubular & plate heat exchangers lower your energy and utility consumption – and save you money. Learn how now.

Mammen Dairies staff

Resource-saving filtration solutions

Inspired by our focus on reusing natural resources, we have developed several membrane-based solutions that reduce the food industry’s environmental footprint.

Plant-based ice cream

Plant-based frozen desserts are a future delight

Plant-based frozen desserts are booming and becoming mainstream products. Our expertise in dairy and plant-based can lead you into a new product world.

Woman drinking milk

The true potential of UHT

UHT technology has a lot of unexplored potential that can actually lead to a number of advantages when compared to alternative production methods.

Powder with a scoop

One system to solve key challenges in soft drink production

Handling ingredients creates several production challenges in soft drinks preparation. But the right solutions can guarantee a trouble-free process.

Women drinking soft drinks

Trends shaping the future of soft drink production

Soft drinks recipes have become more complex and consumers more demanding. Read about six trends you can't afford to miss.

Soft drink in on a stone covered with moss

Reduce your carbon footprint in soft drinks production

Learn how we can help you to overcome tight margins and reduce environmental impact in soft drinks production.

Close up on Tetra Pak Preparation system B

The silver bullet for beverage production

Versatility is the name of the game when product varieties are constantly proliferating. Find out more about our new, flexible approach to beverage processing.

Woman eating yoghurt

Consumer yoghurt trends

Shifting consumer tastes create opportunities and challenges for yoghurt producers. Find our more about trends like gut health, fermented foods and clean label