A wide range of carton packages

Providing a wide range of packaging through innovation has been at the heart of our focus to make food safe and available, everywhere. On average, the paperboard content of our beverage cartons is more than 70%, which is a renewable material when sourced responsibly and we are constantly working to increase the renewable content in our products.

In a world where billions of liters of water, milk, juice, and other liquids are consumed daily, our commitment to preserving the nutritional value and flavour of these products stands out. Our cutting-edge technology empowers us to simplify the journey of liquid and food products into consumers hands, ensuring that they reach people, wherever they are, with quality intact.

We're not just about packaging; we're a holistic solution provider for food manufacturing. Food producers can offer top-quality products all over the world with our integrated processing, packaging, and distribution solutions. We supply packaging materials to over 8,800 machines worldwide, ensuring a global reach you can rely on.  

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