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Tetra Pak unveils new electron beam package sterilization technology

In a ground-breaking first for the beverage carton industry, Tetra Pak launches a filling machine that uses electron beams, not hydrogen peroxide, to sterilize.

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Tetra Pak Dairy Index 2015 reveals opportunities revitalize milk through innovation and communication

Busy, health-conscious generation reaffirms strong belief in milk’s goodness, providing opportunities to grow consumption.

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Tetra Pak launches new Dairy Processing Handbook

Tetra Pak has released a new edition of its Dairy Processing Handbook, an industry reference providing guidance on key operational steps of dairy processing.

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New Learning Labs from Tetra Pak to Help Specify Business Benefits of Renewable Resources

Tetra Pak Learning Labs are moderated discussions that assess the value that comes from sustainable sourcing and more responsible use of natural capital.

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