Tetra Pak® Connected Package

The Tetra Pak® Connected Package supports the digital transformation of your businesses, by creating and managing unique digital identities for each and every packaged product you make. Take advantage of our consumer engagement solutions to do what many other industries have been doing for a long time: connect directly with consumers and learn more about them.

Consumers around the world are rapidly getting used to scanning codes and interacting with brand owners online. Act now and be among the first in your category to take advantage of this emerging trend.

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Digitalisation is extending packaging’s traditional role and opening up a world of new opportunities. Enabled by a unique code on every package, connectivity allows you to turn your products into data carriers, and engage with consumers in creative ways. Curious to know more about running consumer engagement campaigns in your market? Find a wealth of examples and inspiration from around the world in our interactive brochure.


Carton packages with QR codes

Packages are rapidly transforming into channels for information and interaction

Our industry has already taken its first important steps on the journey from traditional packaging to tomorrow’s intelligent packaging. It began with the codified package, which had a printed code but limited connectivity.


Step two is the connected package. We’re combining Tetra Pak’s Connected Package with unique code printing to enable consumer engagement solutions.


Beyond this lies step three - intelligent packaging. In the future, packages and devices will be able to communicate with one another, providing new levels of service and insights for customers and consumers.


Increase sales
Simply by scanning a unique code that’s printed on the package, consumers get the opportunity to win a prize. The best scan and win campaigns offer prizes that are relevant to the target group and/or location. For example, an on-the-go product for teens might offer the chance to win tickets to a cool concert. But it could be anything. Let your imagine run wild. To prevent fraud, codes can be printed partially hidden, so people actually have to buy the product and open the package before they can scan the code.


Boost consumer loyalty
Loyalty campaigns follow the same principle as scan and win campaigns, but with the simple difference that the consumer accumulates points for each package scanned rather than immediately accessing a prize or prize draw. The value of the rewards you offer should increase in proportion to the the number of unique codes scanned and points earned.
So, for example, you might offer a blender for 10 packages scanned and a dishwasher for 50. Consumers are thus encouraged to keep choosing your brand and rewarded for their loyalty.


Get creative with connected packaging
Besides building your consumer engagement campaigns around the mechanisms described above, you and your digital marketing agency can work together to come up with creative ideas that align with your brand character and the interests of your target groups.

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