We strive to play an active role in shaping a better future, supporting the long-term success of our customers’ businesses and driving environmental excellence across our whole value chain.

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Customer focus

Our goal is to create and share value for and with our customers through our products and services. We believe that true value is generated through active collaboration and real partnership working.

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Tetra Rex bio-based carton package

Environmental innovation

We’re constantly striving to develop new products and processes that meet our rigorous quality and safety standards but with a lower environmental footprint. Innovation is the key to addressing new and emerging customer needs, staying competitive and doing business in a sustainable way.

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Responsible sourcing

Responsible sourcing

Responsible sourcing means taking into account social, environmental and ethical considerations, as well as cost, quality and delivery time. Our goal is to minimize negative impacts and make a positive contribution to the businesses, people and communities that make up our supply chain.

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Managing our impact

We are working to minimize our environmental impact across the entire value chain, from sourcing to production to the use and disposal of our products, working in partnership with our suppliers and customers.

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We believe that our responsibility does not end when we sell our packages. By supporting recycling, we can give used beverage cartons a new life, protect natural resources and reduce climate impact.

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Cases and downloads

Tetra Top Just Water carton packages

Tetra Top® carton bottle with bio-based plastic makes its global debut

JUST® water has launched in the US with a new version of the Tetra Top® package made up of over 80% plant-based materials.

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FSC milestone

Milestone for FSC™-labelled packages

Tetra Pak reached a significant milestone in early 2016, with the total number of FSC-labelled packages delivered passing the 200 billion mark.

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Sustainability Update report

Sustainability Update report

Our regular Sustainability Updates provide a comprehensive picture of how we are striving to drive the sustainability agenda across all areas of our business, and our progress towards our goals.

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