Webinar: The path to increased productivity and profitability

Delivering Sustainable Business Results for Food and Beverage Manufacturers

Prices for fast moving consumer goods are being disrupted by a number of factors: ecommerce, private label products, and continued cost pressures  across the value chain.

These pressures are only projected to increase in the coming years. So what can food and beverage manufacturers do to increase productivity and profitability? How can they optimize operations, bringing output in line with company objectives?

This webinar will provide insights into the challenges facing food and beverage manufacturers today, and actions that can be taken to increase competitiveness. We will identify opportunities to deliver sustainable business results and strategic improvements, including outcome-based solutions developed especially for food and beverage manufacturers.

We’ll also share real-world examples of other food and beverage manufacturers who made sustainable changes to optimize productivity and profitability.


Henric Hansson, business developer, Tetra Pak Services
Johan Paulsson, asset management manager, Tetra Pak Services​​