Stora Enso and Tetra Pak launch feasibility study to accelerate beverage carton recycling in Benelux

The joint initiative aims to advance circular paper-based packaging solutions with a new recycling facility

France, Paris (21 June 2022): To meet growing recycling needs in Benelux, Stora Enso and Tetra Pak have combined forces on a shared recycling solution for beverage cartons. The joint feasibility study includes a plan for a recycling facility at Stora Enso’s Langerbrugge site in Belgium.

Each year, approximately 75,000 tonnes of beverage cartons enter the Benelux market. Of these more than 70% are already collected for recycling. However, there is no existing beverage carton recycling infrastructure in Benelux.

In collaboration with Tetra Pak, Stora Enso is launching a new recycling process to recover the fibres of collected beverage cartons in the region. The recycled fibers are then used as source material for producing recycled containerboard at the Langerbrugge site, resulting in a fully circular solution. The remaining polymer and aluminium materials will be processed and recycled by another dedicated partner.

The proposed recycling line in Langerbrugge will initially process an estimated 50,000 tonnes of recycled cartons per year - with the potential to increase capacity even further.

The recycling project is linked to Stora Enso’s recently announced feasibility study to potentially convert one of the Langerbrugge site’s paper lines into a high-volume recycled containerboard line. This study is expected to conclude in the first half of 2023 and depending on a decision to invest, the recycled containerboard line is expected to be in production until 2025. The joint study with Tetra Pak will follow the same timeline.

“With this joint initiative, we underline our commitment to local recycling progress and improving infrastructure in Benelux, a region with high volumes of collected beverage cartons. Stora Enso is a trusted and important partner which has the know-how and experience we need in fiber recycling. Together with them, we have the potential to put in place a circular solution that helps us secure a world where a growing number of carton packages is collected, recycled and we can minimise litter” – Chakib Kara, Managing Director France & Benelux, Tetra Pak.

“At Stora Enso, we constantly pursue opportunities to deepen our commitment to a circular packaging future. Circularity advancement requires smart investments and collaboration with the right partners.

By working jointly with Tetra Pak, we can simultaneously create value, enhance circularity, and grow our competitiveness.” – Markku Luoto, VP LPB Aseptic and CUK, Stora Enso.

Beverage cartons contain high-quality fresh fibers that are an excellent source material for producing recycled paper containerboard. The Langerbrugge site offers a strategically important location to enable a local paper-based packaging circularity solution.

For further information, please contact:

Stora Enso

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Tetra Pak

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Today, Tetra Pak offers much more than just packaging equipment for liquid food products. We also provide a range of processing and packaging technologies for use with a broad array of products, from ice cream and cheese to fruit, vegetables and pet food. We supply complete systems for processing, packaging and distribution, designed to optimise the use of resources. Our processing systems are not only developed to treat the products gently, but also to minimise the use of raw materials and energy during manufacture and subsequent distribution. We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations and to enhancing the environmental performance of our products and solutions, including the continued development of environmentally efficient packages that protect food and prevent it from being wasted.


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