Benefits of aseptic paper-based cartons

We rely on everyday food items like milk, juices or plant-based beverages for our daily nutrition. However, many of them are highly perishable with short shelf lives. Aseptic technology and paper-based cartons provide the needed protection to perishable foods, making them available over vast distances with a longer shelf life.

Milk poured into a bowl

Protects food properties

Aseptic paper-based cartons are made of multiple layers that keep light, air and microorganisms out. This helps to preserve the properties and quality of food for an extended period over 6 months without the need for refrigeration or preservatives.

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Helps reduce food waste

Advanced aseptic technology combined with aseptic carton packaging ensures that harmful bacteria and microorganisms are eliminated. As a result, perishable liquid food packed in aseptic cartons have a longer shelf life, helping reduce food waste across the value chain.

Variety of carton packaging

Has low carbon impact

Our carton packages are primarily paper-based, a renewable resource which we source responsibly. This helps beverage cartons feature a lower carbon footprint than other packaging solutions, with only 83 g CO2 equivalents per litre (eq/l) compared to 430 g CO2 eq/l for single-use glass bottles, 156 CO2 eq/l for PET bottles and 100 g CO2 eq/l for reusable glass bottles.