2017-09-22, CHINA

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Bright produces ambient yogurt in the world’s most digital dairy​

Bright Dairy is China’s third largest dairy producer and the leading high-end producer of dairy products in China. With our help, they successfully developed and launched the world’s first ever ambient yoghurt product to the Chinese market in 2010. To meet the rapidly growing market demand for ambient yoghurt, Bright decided to invest in building a new production site in Tianjin, China, dedicated to high volume ambient yoghurt production. In order stay competitive and produce ambient yoghurt as quickly and efficiently as possible – and meet growing demands on food safety, quality and traceability – Bright wanted one single manufacturing execution system (MES) system for their entire plant. They also wanted to digitalize their manual recording and combine their multiple database applications into one single automation and information solution for their entire site to get full visibility and total control of operational performance, product quality and traceability.

“In handling approximately 500 tons of raw milk daily, it is vital for them to ensure full traceability from the raw milk to their final products – but they have previously been forced to rely on significant amounts of manual data entry to achieve this,” explains Xiaobo Yan, project manager of the field test at Bright Dairy. “That has required lots of operator time and effort and risked human errors. It was also complex for them to manually collate all the information for an overall picture of quality and efficiency. They wanted that process to be automated to save time and ensure the accuracy of the data – and enable them to improve their operations and cut costs.”​

Management requested real time and historical data to manage operations, work with continuous improvement and reduce operational cost. Operators required support to handle operations more efficiently. And the laboratory needed to digitalize manual records and capture quality control data in one system for the entire production site.​​

One solution to integrate all​ operations

Bright Dairy turned to us in part due to the efficiency and performance of our equipment, but they needed advanced automation as well. They wanted one solution to integrate all processing and packaging operations in their entire plant and their ERP systems, and that was something no other supplier could offer them. The Tetra Pak® PlantMaster MES Suite solution we created is developed specifically for food production and connects processing and packaging together in one system – in one digital environment and on one screen.

Learn more about the Tetra Pak PlantMaster automation solution​, developed to connect processing and packaging together in one system.

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