Video: HolyGrail 2.0 digital watermarks – a collaborative effort for the accurate sorting of packaging

As part of our commitment to lead sustainability transformation , we joined forces with AIM, the European Brands Association, and over 160 companies and organisations from the packaging value chain to embark on the HolyGrail 2.0 Digital Watermarks Initiative.

This pioneering partnership aims to validate the practicality and efficiency of digital watermarking technologies for precise packaging sorting. The collective objective is to enhance recycling efforts and contribute to the creation of a more sustainable packaging value chain.

Package with digital watermarking on kitchen counter

Image: Digital watermarks can improve sorting processes of post-consumer packaging waste

As a participant in this ambitious collaboration, we are currently working towards aligning our package portfolio with the potential new watermarking standard. By securing compliance with this standard, we aim to contribute to the adoption of digital watermarking technologies across the industry, further advancing sustainable packaging practices.


AIM and more than 85 companies and organizations

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