Tetra Pak and Morcas collaborate to establish a recycling facility for carton packages


Tetra Pak's commitment to improving carton package recycling at a local level led to a fortuitous collaboration with the Chilean recycler, Morcas. The recycler, Morcas, sought to expand its operations and express interest in offering collection and recycling services for carton packages.

Recognizing the potential for mutual benefit, the Morcas Project was born. This partnership not only supports Morcas' business expansion but also aligns with Tetra Pak's larger strategy of developing recycling hubs in Chile. The shared goal is to incentivize local recycling and substantially increase the recycling rate of carton packages in the country.

Office with panel board from recycled cartons

The establishment of the Morcas Project marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of sustainable carton package recycling in Chile. With an initial capacity of 150 tons per year and the potential to double this capacity in the future, the recycling hub is poised to make a meaningful impact on carton recycling rates.

The project aligns perfectly with Tetra Pak's larger strategy to develop recycling hubs across the country, fostering a culture of local recycling and environmental responsibility. By incentivizing and supporting local recycling efforts, the Morcas Project contributes to the advancement of a circular economy in Chile.


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