​​​​​Providing critical nutritional products to those in need

The COVID-19 pandemic has put unprecedented pressure on food supply chains worldwide, where meeting any unexpected request truly challenges lateral thinking and problem solving capabilities.

For hospitals, access to specialised beverages can be critical to the health and recovery of patients. One of our customers – a global leader within nutritional science – came to us with an urgent need, an increased order for one of their products, a calorie-dense, nutritionally rich beverage consumed directly from the package or delivered by IV tube.

Mainly used in hospitals and nursing homes to provide special nutritional nourishment, there was an even more pressing need for the health-sustaining product due to the increased number of COVID-19 patients in hospitals on ventilators. With a solution-oriented mindset, our account team and dedicated service engineers worked quickly to solve the challenges of this situation.

The requirement for an additional 2 million Tetra Prisma® Aseptic Edge 250 packages could not be serviced by the packaging material factory in Limburg, Germany as it was already working above normal capacity due to increasing and changing food consumption demands as a result of the pandemic. To arrive at the fastest possible solution, the Tetra Pak team connected with another customer using the same packaging to explain the situation, and within 24 hours they generously agreed to delay their order to release the capacity we needed.

This is yet another example of how  our customers rely on us for efficient and reliable solutions and how we are ready to play our part in ensuring food safety and availability.

Truck in warehouse, packaging material