Reliability and predictable maintenance cost in a juice producer’s new lines

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Case in short


A leading African player within juices, nectars and still drinks.


This producer wanted to secure reliability and performance of their three new Tetra Pak filling lines. They also expressed a need to lower maintenance costs and handle issues promptly.


A customized 2-year Tetra Pak® Plant Care agreement that included both preventive and corrective maintenance, a daily management system as well as spare parts management and 24/7 production support.


Line performance is secured, and breakdowns are handled with less downtime.

PlantCare illustration

Customer challenge

This producer, with 27% market share, was facing increasing production demands and wanted to secure reliability and performance of their three new Tetra Pak filling lines, including distribution equipment.

Our solution

In order to secure line performance and meet the high production demands it was essential to introduce a proactive approach to maintenance and spare parts supply. We implemented a daily management system, both preventive and corrective maintenance and spare parts ordering and stock management. Throughout the two years of this contract, we also included expert advisory support to execute clear action plans for handling breakdowns, and 24/7 production support.

Results achieved

With coaching of local team and support at hand, line performance was secured. With this agreement in place, the producer had full access to Tetra Pak experts to handle breakdowns with less downtime, get clear action plans for solving issues that occur during the agreement period, and implement best practices. Proactive monitoring of maintenance performance allowed us to provide a solution with optimal balance between risk and cost, at a fixed monthly cost per thousand packs.