​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Sales increased by 18% with Connected Package scan and win promotion​​​

Milk glass

A dairy company in Central America launched a new enriched high-protein milk with a promotion using a connected package to both engage and educate customers via our Consumer Engagement Solution.

​Customer challenge – niche market

A dairy company in Central America had recently launched a functional milk product high in protein and calcium, with no fat and free from lactose. They wanted to follow up the launch with a campaign that was relevant to the niche market for this product. The campaign ran from 1 September to 31 October 2019 and the aim was to increase the total purchases by 15% compared to the previous month’s average.

Solution –  scan and win campaign

A scan and win campaign was devised using a unique DM code on the carton. The first step for the consumer was to download the special campaign app. Then consumers could register via email, Facebook or Twitter. Afterwards they received an activation email to verify their registration. Once validated, the consumer was ready to scan the DM code on the milk packs, a one-litre Tetra Brik® Aseptic carton. A tutorial was available in the app to give some simple instructions. Push notifications were also sent out as reminders.

After scanning a pack, there was an instant prize draw with cash prizes. In addition, there were links to recipes, workout routine videos, health tips and the benefits of the product as well as packaging information. Another section gave the answers to frequently-asked questions. The app acts not just as a way of entering the prize draw but also as a microsite giving more information and useful links about health and wellbeing. There were about 23,000 clicks following these links during the campaign.

Local field service engineers from Tetra Pak supported the production of the packaging material and the printing of the unique codes on the customer’s filling line. Remote support was also provided from Tetra Pak experts in Europe who had experience of similar connected package campaigns.

The campaign was promoted in a range of media including advertising on busses and on radio. A prominent social media influencer was sponsored to talk about the promotion and to show how to scan the packs. The packs in the promotion were featured on special displays at the point of sale at 600 main retailing sites with in-store promoters. It was estimated that the campaign reached out to more than 40,000 people.

The customer could monitor the results of the campaign on a daily basis via a portal provided within our Connected Package Platform. All personal data is processed according to national regulations.

​Results achieved

​The targets for sales and downloads were achieved whereas the number of scans met 80% of the target. There was a low scanning rate in the first two weeks of the campaign but this increased towards the end and 500 scans were made after the campaign period, but these were not valid. ​

Case in short


+15% increase in sales compared to previous month


10,000 scans


+18% increase in sales compared to previous month


8,000 valid scans