A talk about plant-based beverage processing

From nuts to grains – the world of plant-based beverages is rich in different raw materials. And often, their similarities stop at the fact that they are plants. That means turning them into delicious beverages is not an easy task. We must choose a processing strategy for each raw material that captures its unique benefits and tackle challenges.

In this video, food technologist Rana Cheaib walks you through her approach to a few raw materials. You will learn about innovative processing to get clean beverages with minimal additives.

Your plant-based beverage partner

There are a lot of things that goes into producing appealing plant-based beverages, such as consumer insights and the right processing equipment. But also support along the way and expert advice to get the most out of your production. And ideally – everything is in one place. That is what our integrated end-to-end solutions are all about.

Take your ideas to the market

The way to a plant-based beverage can look very different. You can start from a blank sheet and ideate a product concept during workshops. Or perhaps, you discover an update to your production line or a new ingredient that add more value to an existing product. We are happy to support your product development regardless of where you are on your plant-based beverage journey.