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Find everything you need to keep your plant and your equipment running smoothly. From giving you a full overview of your Tetra Pak solutions with My Equipment, to deepening the knowledge and competence of your colleagues with Anytime Learning, the functions available through My Tetra Pak are your gateway to world-class service.

Every part of your business, covered

My Tetra Pak gives you access to your selected services, and allows you to learn more about other services from Tetra Pak that can be purchased. Please contact your Key Account team for more information.

Operator and filling machines, distribution line with Tetra Brik carton packages

A simple, effective overview

With My Equipment, you can see all of your installed Tetra Pak equipment across all sites, and it’s easy to filter, find, add and remove equipment as necessary. In addition, you can see the available rebuilding kits for each solution, ensuring they’re up to date and in optimal condition, while the technical documentation helps with any maintenance queries you may have.

Operator with tablet, online training

Accessible training at the point of need

Anytime learning helps ensure quality and consistency in your operations. All colleagues have access to the same work instructions, and everyone can improve their understanding of the processes in the plant and as a result, improve overall productivity. This hands-on, on the floor training also leads to fewer mistakes, less waste, reduced downtime and improved safety and product quality.

Tetra Pak service engineer with smartphone, spart parts online catalogue

Full control, everywhere

Parts Control gives you full control over your entire parts inventory, which allows you to streamline operations and save up to 50% of your time spent managing parts and consumables. ePIMS comes with the service, and this app lets you manage stock across all your warehouses using your smartphone or tablet. It also highlights when stocks should be replenished and contains detailed statistics and reports to help you improve your processes.

Service engineer with tablet, asset health monitoring data in background

Asset Health Monitoring

It’s important to know how your equipment is performing, and when maintenance will likely be required. With Asset Health Monitoring you get an overview of the condition of all connected technology within your plant, as long as it’s equipped with the right sensors. From here, you can check where action is needed, and plan maintenance downtime so it has minimal impact on productivity.


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