Improve plant performance with connected and integrated solutions

Need to enhance the flexibility of a current line? Uncertain about how to make your operation more cost- or resource-efficient? Get the support you need from experienced engineers with the expertise to help you with automation, connectivity and end-to-end solutions that enable insight-driven decision-making for more agile, efficient and sustainable production.

Get the help you need

1. Total control of plant operations

Gain total control of your entire operation and get enhanced and guaranteed performance, automated processes, consistent product quality, food safety and transparency as well as reduced environmental impact.

2. Find the smartest plant solution

Plug into an extensive global knowledge bank combined with unique local insights for a holistic solution to your smart production. Improve your plant’s performance with industry-leading processing applications and solutions that are customised or based on proven best-practice lines.

3. Optimise with the right service solutions

Whether you already have a smart plant or not, improving performance will always be important. Whether it's maintaining equipment, reducing production costs or ensuring food safety troughout the lifecycle of your operations, our service solutions help you out. If issues arise, help is always at hand. Tap into a team of over 2,000 skilled engineers in 120 countries. Local engineers are supported by a global team of experts for 24/7 remote support.

Local service, global expertise

Benefit from experienced Key Account Managers who provide day-to-day information and support to help manage your business, backed by an international network of global specialists and local market experts. Similarly, local service engineers quickly attend to any production issues, with 24/7 support from experts around the world. Add a global network of suppliers, and you’ll always have access to the packaging materials, spare parts and consumables you need.

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Minimise costs with Integrated Plant Solutions

Unlock the full value of a true end-to-end, pre-configured food and beverage production solution. Integrated and optimised from raw material reception to packages on pallet, pre-configured lines deliver reliable output backed by service solutions and performance guarantees. Each line combines three dimensions – equipment, automation, and digital solutions and services – to deliver a low and predictable total cost of ownership (TCO).

Get insights into your whole business

Designed specifically for use in the Food & Beverage industry, our Automation & Digital Solutions provide the data and insights you need to understand what’s going on across your whole business, including your extended value chain. From the least experienced factory operator to the seasoned business leader, everyone benefits from having access to information that supports their day-to-day decision making.