Cheese consumption rising fast​​​

Recent years have seen a boost in global cheese consumption, partly due to the westernisation of South East Asia's dietary habits and rising living standards. However, since many new markets have little or no local production, they are dependent on imports. Large quantities of cheddar and pasta filata are imported, for example, to China and India each year and used either as ingredients or for direct consumption. Smart manufacturers in the larger cheese producing nations are taking advantage of the potential in these growing markets by investing in increased production capacity.

A complete portfolio for cheese and whey production​

Tetra Pak offers a complete portfolio of equipment for both cheese and whey production, along with the know-how to get the most out of your raw ingredients.

Our brand is synonymous with the systems used to produce a wide variety of high-quality cheeses and we support customers with expertise throughout the manufacturing process, from milk intake and pre-treatment through curd makingdrainage and forming, all the way to cheese handling.

Exploiting the whey content of the milk is now also regarded as essential for long-term competitiveness. We therefore offer a range of technologies for whey extraction and whey derived liquid and powder ingredients.

Designed for high volume production, Tetra Pak's tried and tested lines satisfy the larger customers' need for cost-efficient operation. They come with performance guarantees to give you additional peace of mind.

Farmhouse cheeses

Bulk production may be at an all-time high, but every trend has its accompanying countertrend. In the cheese world, it is farmhouse varieties. Speciality cheeses, usually based on traditional recipes and tied historically to specific regions, are also growing in popularity. For the production of smaller volume or specialty products, Tetra Pak offers line equipment suitable for a minimum volume of 150 000 litres /day.

Quality and safety first

In Asia, the European dairy industry has a reputation for being quality controlled, and providing safe, nutritious products, which makes Western European imports even more attractive. To help our European customers live up to their reputation for safety and, at the same time keep their costs in check, we offer tried and tested equipment. Take Tetra Pak'​​s range of Casomatic cheese makers, for example. Designed and built with hygiene in focus, these machines are so inherently clean, that producers can run longer production cycles in between cleaning stops. This is just one of the many ways we contribute to the efficiency of your plant, and to your reputation for safety.

Applications for cheese & whey

Cheddar Cheese

Processing applications for Cheddar cheese

This firm, cow's milk cheese ranges in flavour from mild to sharp, and in colour from natural white to bright orange.

cheese wheel gouda

Semi-hard cheese

Our sophisticated technologies and cheese application knowledge can help you achieve a product of uniform quality, with consistent weight and moisture levels

Pasta Filata Pizza

Pasta Filata cheese

Pasta filata cheese becomes elastic when heated and forms long strings when pulled, key characteristics associated with pizza cheese

Fresh cheese Varieties

Fresh cheese varieties

Processing applications for​ other cheese varieties; cottage cheese, fresh cheese, ultra filtration and liquid filled cheeses, cream cheese and quark

Whey Powder

Cheese and Whey - Whey processing

Tetra Pak supports customers with expertise and equipment in whey processing, such as protein-extraction fractionation evaporation and drying, and powder handl.

White Cheese and Olives

White cheese

Best-practice lines for white cheese. Efficient and profitable white cheese production, we provide you with all the expertise and know-how you need.