Innovative viscous formulated products

If the name ‘viscous formulated products’ doesn’t whet your appetite, think of vanilla custard, fruit purée, hummus, cream cheese, mayonnaise, béchamel sauce. In fact, think of any thick and delicious food product… and we can help you make it.

Running trials at our product development centres avoids disrupting your regular production, saving you time and money. In addition, you get access to a full range of processing equipment and to our highly qualified food application experts.

New products. New technologies.

If your latest recipe can’t be produced on your existing line, talk to us about testing some new equipment. Recent engineering advances expand the scope for innovation, making it possible to get good results with even more viscous products and larger particles. Would your chocolate dessert be even more appetising if it was a bit thicker? Or if it had some salt caramel chunks added to it?

Chocolate mouuse in glass

Scaling up?

When it’s time to scale up your production, we’re happy to demonstrate our equipment at a Product Development Centre near you. We can work together to get the exact product quality you’re looking for and gather all the data needed to ensure a smooth transition from trials to industrial production.

Choosing the right heat treatment

For the production of viscous formulated products, your choice of heat treatment system is key. Maybe you could reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by updating your equipment, or boost food safety by introducing a pasteurisation step into your production process? Our Product Development Centres feature a broad range of heat treatment options including plate-, tube- scrape- and coil heat exchangers, steam injection and steam infusions. We’re happy to demonstrate these different technologies and guide you through the selection process.

Tetra Pak service engineers and tubular heat exchanger

What does true collaboration mean?

Our food application experts support you every step of the way. And, in the spirit of true collaboration, we offer advice and suggestions which might occasionally lead to a different solution from the one you had in mind.

PDC food experts testing products, PDC streaming session

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Product Development Centres

Looking to test new recipes for industrial scale production? Or to evaluate different processing technologies? Our pilot plants have everything you need.

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Food Development Centre

Fast track your food innovation and transform your ideas into commercial products at our Tera Recart® Food Development Centre.