Tetra Pak Product Development Centres

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Our Product Development Centres around the world have various kinds of test equipment, including processing, packaging & powder handling machinery. They are staffed by experts who understand how your ingredients will respond to different processes, and who know how to make products your consumers will appreciate. 

Our skilled Tetra Pak food technologists and process engineers are always ready to assist you with new product development challenges. Equipped with a thorough understanding of how ingredients respond to different processing methods, they can help you adapt product recipes for new markets, find smarter processing solutions, make better use of expensive raw ingredients or simply satisfy your consumers’ desire for new taste experiences.

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world map with 12 pdc locations
Live streaming from PDC in Lund

Travel-free product trials

Our Lund PDC offers real-time, high-resolution live streaming of product trials. The service not only saves customers time and money but also overcomes many of the restrictions imposed on face-to-face gatherings and travel during the pandemic. The service began with support for two of our systems, TBA 19 and Tetra Pak A3 Compact Flex. We have now added our Tetra Top system, which makes this powerful facility available to an even wider range of customers and products. With virtual participation, you can keep your product development program going without going anywhere. Your people can follow the trial live wherever they are too. They can even see what’s happening inside some of our machines. And to maximise the long-term usefulness of your virtual visit, we deliver a ‘take-home’ package that includes:

  • Written technical report
  • Webinar-type video of the trial, for unlimited free use
  • Samples from the trial itself
  • Man testing food product in lab

    Your possibilities in a nutshell

    Located in the US, Sweden, Singapore, ​China, Japan, India and Brazil, our Product Development Centres (PDC's) are a great resource for developing into new products and categories. We also have specialized centres for both ice cream, filtration and mixing in Denmark, evaporation and drying in the Netherlands, and powders in France.​

  • Highly flexible industrial pilot-plant facility
  • Available for TBA 19, Tetra Pak A3 Compact Flex and Tetra Top
  • Cost-effective product trials and in-house testing
  • Experienced food technologists and engineers
  • Processing, packaging and powder handling equipment
  • Global experience and application expertise
  • Close collaboration, full confidentiality
    So how can we help you?
  • Product Development Centre for ice cream

    View our PDC for Ice Cream in Aarhus, Denmark, see 3D views of the plant and videos.

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    milk powder in a bucket

    Powder PDC Gorredjik, The Netherlands

    A fully equipped pilot plant, sized for industrial up-scaling of food powder products. The facility has all necessary equipment for industrial trials, and the state-of-the-art laboratory provides analyses of both process and powder samples.

    food technologist in a filtration pdc

    Filtration PDC Aarhus , Denmark

    The Tetra Pak Filtration Solutions PDC in Aarhus, Denmark is a cutting-edge filtration pilot plant designed for developing new dairy, plant-based and other food & beverage applications combined with water-saving solutions.

    a bowl filled with powder on a table with a wooden sponn on the side

    Powder Handling PDC, Le May, France

    Dedicated to validating process solutions and checking the feasibility of new settings, the Tetra Pak Powder handling PDC in Le May, France, has the facilities to process a wide range of products – from dairy to baby food, sugar, flour, and mixed recipes.

    ice cream and candy in glass bowl

    Ice Cream PDC, Aarhus, Denmark

    At the Tetra Pak PDC in Aarhus, Denmark, you can experiment with the latest ice cream processing solutions in a complete production environment at semi-industrial scale.

    colorful hummus bowls on a table

    Mixing PDC, Aalborg, Denmark

    At our Mixing PDC, we can help you choose the right mixing technology, so you’ll always get high-quality results. To stay on top of market demands, we also conduct ongoing research and development.