Keeping valuable materials in use 

The majority of paper-based carton packages collected for recycling today are being sent to paper mills, which recover the fibres and separate the polyAl1. The fibre is reused in new products such as cardboard boxes, tissue paper and office paper. Where paper mills use dedicated pulpers to process the carton packages, the remaining polyAl can be sent to plastic and aluminium recyclers to be recycled into products such as panels, pallets, crates, furniture, and tiles. 

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Recycled products Ecorevive and Ecoplasteam

Circularity gets a boost in Southern Europe

Tetra Pak has joined forces with EcoRevive and Ecoplasteam, innovative companies specializing in recycling technology, to increase polyAl recycling capacity in Europe.

A person wearing shoes in the woods

Ecuador’s first sports shoe made of recycled carton

The story of Ecuador’s first sports shoe made of recycled carton, and how Bunky, Ecuaplastic and Tetra Pak came together to create this product.

Close up of roof tiles made from recycled polyAl

Tetra Pak supports Euro Techo in recycling polyAl to produce roof tiles

We support Eurotecho’s efforts to recycle polyAl using hot-pressing thermoforming to produce roof tiles and flat sheets, and to expand capacity and end-market.

Roof made from recycled polyAl materials

Pioneering roof tiles and flat sheets from recycled polyAl materials in Mexico

We support Placove’s efforts to recycle polyAl using hot-pressing thermoforming to produce roof tiles and flat sheets, and to expand capacity.

Fork lift unloading recycling material

PolyAl Recycling thrives in Pakistan thanks to Green Earth's innovations

We support Green Earth’s effort to recycle polyAl using hot-press thermoforming to produce pallets, roofing sheets and furniture.

PolyAl pelletising line in facility

PolyAl end-market expansion by Gayatri Paper

We support Gayatri’s efforts to expand polyAl recycling and develop new markets and end-uses for the material (e.g., cable reels, energy boxes, truck stoppers).

Pile of polyAl pellets

Tetra Pak and Recon Polymers collaborate to advance carton recycling with PolyAl technology

We actively supported start-up Recon to open a polyAl recycling plant with a capacity up to 6,000 tonnes of polyAl per year, drawing on waste materials.

Closeup of board made from recycled cartons

New Zealand full carton recyling solution by Save Board

We supported start-up recycler Save Board to transform New Zealand’s used cartons via a full carton recycling process to create construction materials.

Stakeholders showcasing the InspirACTion initiative

InspirACTion Programme supports carton recycling and education

We are engaging children in recycling while educating the importance of waste segregation, expanding collection points and developing polyAl recycling.

Pile of polyAl pellets

Tetra Pak collaborates with Plastigram to advance polyAl recycling

We worked with Czech recycler Plastigram, which has developed an energy-efficient technology to separate out plastics and polyAl from discarded carton packages.

Chair made from recycled polyAl

Ecuaplastic innovates with Ecoyarn: turning recycled polyAl into furniture

We support Ecuaplastic as they continue to improve the quality and launch value-added products made from recycled polyAl, drawing on waste materials.

PolyAl granules in Lucart

Lucart Italy expands polyAl recycling

In collaboration with Newpal, Lucart Italy has completed the installation of a polyAl line producing granules used for the production of pallets.

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1The non-fibre component of carton packages is known as polyAl, which designates the layers of polyolefins and aluminium being used as barrier against oxygen and humidity to protect the food content in aseptic carton packages.