Baby on the floor playing with a tetra recart 100ml package

A perfect fit for wet pet food

The Tetra Recart® 100 Mini is the perfect format for food packages targeted to cats and small dogs. Made from renewable materials, this retortable 100ml carton package helps you lower your carbon footprint and meet consumer demand for environmentally responsible packaging.

A smarter take on baby food packages

Easy to open, to reclose and to dispose of – the Tetra Recart® 100 Mini is designed to make life a little bit easier for parents and baby food producers. The retortable 100ml carton package is 100% FSC-certified and a more convenient, cost-efficient alternative to glass jars and pouches.

Tetra Recart® Reimagines Canned Food Packaging

Tetra Recart® is the sustainable carton packaging that offers a new solution to canned foods. Not only is it environmentally sound, but it helps you maximise your product’s potential and generate new business opportunities with eye-catching designs that appeal to your customers.

Welcome to the Tetra Recart® Food Development Centre

Fast track your product development with support from the dedicated experts at our test factory.

Environmentally sound food packaging

Does environmental impact affect your choice of food packaging in the supermarket?


More space for success

With the rectangular shape of the Tetra Recart package you gain more space on the shelf. You get more products up there. It’s that simple. Tetra Recart takes up 30% less space than cans and glass jars.
Tetra Recart carton packages volume compared to traditional metal can

Opportunities to stand out

  • High quality printing on all sides giving you the opportunities for a billboard effect.
  • Like pixels on a screen, Tetra Recart packages work in perfect harmony, always facing the consumer.
  • The Tetra Recart package is great for fun interaction with consumers. It lets your product express itself in brand new ways.
Carrot and ginger soup in a Tetra Recart package

Fresh brand image

Tetra Recart is the perfect solution for renewing your brand image, extending your presence or just giving your food category a boost. More than 140 consumer studies show that consumers perceive the package and its content as fresh. A good starting point for innovation and expansion of product lines.
Unpacking groceries in the kitchen.

Light weight. A heavy argument

Tetra Recart packages are very lightweight with ̴ 60% less weight than a can*. This helps you save 10-20% in outbound distribution compared to cans. Moreover, it cut costs on transportation and lowers your carbon emissions.

*Package material weight for 400 g packages.
Can versus package

Retailers, watch your DPC drop

More product per pallet, faster shelf replenishment, reduced waste handling and more efficient use of shelf space help lower your DPC (Direct Product Cost).

Tetra recart shopping

Get trucks off the road

Thanks to their smart rectangular shape and light weight, Tetra Recart packages are extremely efficient to transport. You can fit 6 to 10 times more empty Tetra Recart cartons on a single truck compared to cans. Similarly, with filled packages, you get 10-20% more units per truck.

The friendly package

Designed to simplify kitchen life, this package needs no tools but your hands. Laser perforated tear opening and simple re-closure make the package very easy to handle. Even little hands can open the package without risk of being hurt.
Tetra Recart shopping cart

Low environmental impact

Several Life Cycle Analyses comparing Tetra Recart packages with steel cans and glass jars show that Tetra Recart has a significantly lower environmental impact.

Tetra Recart packages are mainly made of renewable materials i.e. wood fibers from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified forests and other controlled sources. FSC is a global not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide. FSC is supported by major non-governmental organizations like WWF and The Nature Conservancy.

Shapes & Volumes

Learn more about Tetra Recart®


340 ml, 390 ml, 440 ml, 500 ml



200 ml


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Full Top Perforation

Full Top Perforation

Perforated line on packaging material
  • Well-accepted by consumers
  • Comes ready prepared on packaging material
  • Opens the entire top for easy access and emptying
  • Easy to open without tools

Filling machine

Tetra Pak® R2 Machine

Tetra Pak® R2 Machine

Form-fill-seal machine packages food in Tetra Recart.

Tetra Pak® R1

Tetra Pak® R1

Machine for forming and sealing Tetra Recart® packages.


Food development team at Tetra Recart

​​​​​​​​Success​ for Tetra Recart test factory

What should bean soup taste like in China? And how would Americans like their hummus? The Tetra Recart test factory team have the answers

Food safety lab in Stuttgart

Long experience in all aspects of food safety​

Tetra Pak has extensive experience in working on food safety and has developed many capabilities in this area


Customer interview with Sugal

Tetra Recart® - Customer interview with Sugal

Mr. Nuno Saraiva from Sugal talks about his view on the future of e-commerce and canned food at PLMA 2018.

Customer interview with Fruttagel

Tetra Recart® - Customer interview with Fruttagel

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