Innovation in every plant, in every product

Did you know that 94% of Food and Beverage producers invest in innovation? Consumer demand is the main driver of innovation across the globe. But in order to meet those demands, offerings need to be reimagined and factories need to be optimised to ensure best profitability.

The consumer landscape

Changing consumer preferences

Addressing the growing environmental and health concerns of consumers is a must – and that requires knowledge, expertise and out-the-box thinking. We are working closely with our customers every day to create new solutions that meet these demands.

Sustainability solutions

Sustainable Food and Beverage products

As more and more consumers reach for clean label and sustainable foods and beverages, the quest is on for new ways to approach product innovation. We are constantly working to help our customers develop and process new products that meet new sustainability demands.

Digitalisation & Connectivity

Industry changes driven by new technology

Digitalisation and connectivity are changing the food and beverage industry as we know it. Using a range of emerging technologies, we are working to offer new unprecedented opportunities to increase food safety and quality, and improve production flexibility and efficiency.

Optimisation & Integration

Improving plant efficiency

As margins for fast-moving consumer goods continue to be squeezed, process optimisation is increasingly important. Working with AI, Internet of Things and other integrated technologies, we are building new solutions, including end-to-end solutions, that can make the entire plant run more efficiently.
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