Innovation for sustainability

There are pressing challenges awaiting food and beverage manufacturers in the coming years. Creating more sustainable business models will require completely rethinking things from the ground up – whether it’s about the transition to a low-carbon circular economy, our need to feed a growing population, or the demands of greater food safety and security.

At Tetra Pak, we understand that finding the right solutions won’t be easy. And that we can’t do it alone. This is why we strive to build collaborative, open partnerships with academic institutions, start-ups, tech leaders and, of course, our customers. Working together, we are discovering the out-of-the-box ideas that will reshape what is possible in the worlds of packaging and food processing.

Women in Innovation at Tetra Pak

Innovation is one of the most important driving forces in the global economy. Innovation stimulates competition and affects our very existence. It creates jobs, increases growth and mobilises factors that can help a nation to improve the competitive strength of its economy. It embraces everything from hatching an idea to reaching the marketplace with a new or improved product. We’re proud to showcase 13 women driving innovation forward to revolutionise the way we work, improve upon the way we create, and completely change our impact on the world around us.

Explore our innovation ecosystem

Ready to find out more about our work with partners around the world? Explore a new interactive report to get a dynamic view into the creative ideas for tomorrow that we are developing today.

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