Draining, washing and blending equipment​ for cottage cheese

Cottage cheese curd is made by fermenting milk with lactic acid bacteria. The curd is then cut and cooked to achieve the right moisture content. Afer this, the whey is drained off, the curd is cooled and rinsed in water before finally being blended with the dressing. When produced in small quantities, draining, washing and blending can be carried out in the vat itself.

However, for the production of larger volumes, special equipment is needed. It begins with a draining belt, where the product is drained, cooled and the lactic acid is rinsed off by rinsing in water. (Should more thorough rinsing be needed, a special washing tank can be added to the line). The final step before packing takes place in a blender where the dressing is added.

Draining, Washing and Blending Equipment​

Tetra Pak Blender

Tetra Pak Blender

The Tetra Pak Blender unit is specially designed for ensuring a gentle and efficient curd blending and cream/dressing and other additives.

Tetra Pak Drainer Washer 2

Tetra Pak Drainer Washer 2 for cottage cheese curd

Tetra Pak Drainer Washer 2 is designed to remove the whey and to wash and cool cottage cheese curd quickly and efficiently in one continuous operation.

Tetra Pak Drum Drainer 2

Tetra Pak Drum Drainer 2 draining for cottage cheese curds

The Tetra Pak Drum Drainer 2 is designed to ensure a gentle draining of washing- and cooling water from cottage cheese curd.

Tetra Pak Blender VCC

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Tetra Pak Blender VCC for cottage cheese​​​ blending

The vertical design and smart features ensure gentle and efficient blending, even at low fill levels, for high quality, homogenous cottage cheese

Tetra Pak Cooling Tower

Tetra Pak Cooling Tower

The Tetra Pak Cooling Tower is a unit for cottage cheese varieties that require extensive washing and cooling of curd