Wrapping solutions for ice cream

We offers the best wrapper for ice cream on the market. Besides being designed to the highest hygiene standards, it also has several additional efficiency features that reduce wrapping costs.

Our system ensures that the product, which is frozen from the hardening tunnel or the moulding machine and covered in dried chocolate coating, lands in the paper wrapper at exactly the right speed without sliding.

The paper rolls in a continuous flow around the finished product. The paper tension is low, which means you can use very thin paper or foil. This saves on paper, a well as enabling longer runs between roll changes.

A box motion cutting system is used to cut the paper, giving a nice, clean and accurately positioned cut. Thanks to the photo-mark, the design is always in the right place.


Tetra Pak® Wrapper​

Tetra Pak® Multilane Wrapper A2 provides precise and reliable wrapping with a wide range of wrapping materials including very thin materials.