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At Tetra Pak we touch millions of people’s lives every day, ensuring better nutrition and healthier lifestyles through safe packaging and food processing solutions. Guided by our global brand promise, PROTECTS WHAT’S GOOD, we strive to make a difference by protecting food, people and our futures. To do this we need more than smart technology.​​​

We need smart people too. People like you, who want to work with people like us. Determined to come up with some of the brightest ideas on the planet. It may seem a little excessive for a humble carton company. But when we tell you we’re the largest food processing and packaging company in the world, with more than 5000 patents, then maybe not.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Our Company culture

We are proud of our working atmosphere, allowing us to perform, grow and have fun. In this culture of relaxed professionalism you are encouraged to take initiatives, to think outside the box and to network with our 23,500 colleagues around the world.

Skilled and ambitious? You are in good company.

Embarking on a new challenge at Tetra Pak is not only an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your skills and learn new ones, but it is also a splendid start to your career. As a result of our collaborative culture you gain access to a unique network of highly skilled professionals.

New ideas for ice cream products

Elsebeth - Product and Concept Manager


Elsebeth is Product and Concept Manager Extrusion, for ice cream solutions in Tetra Pak. She started out as Mechanical Engineer more than 20 years ago and has since then worked with a wide range of ice cream products including our latest innovation in ice cream the Tetra Pak® Extrusion Wheel

Elsebeth and Per, ice cream extrusion wheel

"It's no exaggeration to say that our solutions save lives."

Thang - Product Manager

At Tetra Pak, our vision is to make food safe and available, everywhere. Thang, product manager and expert in developing markets, sees the results of his and his colleagues' work every day.

"Our engineers learn and network with peers from all corners of the world."

Thanida - Product Responsible

Tetra Pak offers unique possibilities to work across geographic boundaries. Thanida, product responsible at our Field Service Academy helps people share knowledge every day.

Employees' stories: Everyday heroes

Christoffer Bengtsson and Laszlo Alacs, Commissioning Engineers at Tetra Pak Dairy & Beverage Systems AB are based in Lund, Sweden, but travel all over the world. You might think this sounds exciting, and indeed most of the time, they get to visit a client site, making the final adjustments to one of our machines. At the same time, they try to explain what they’re doing to someone who usually doesn’t speak Swedish or English.