High Hygiene Tank
High Hygiene Tank

Intermediate buffer tank

  • Handles a wide range of products
  • Enables simple, flexible production
  • Maintains consistent high product quality

​​​​​​​​​​​​​High Hygiene Tank

Intermediate buffer tank

The high hygiene tank is an intermediate buffer tank between a pasteuriser and a filling machine that evens out capacity differences. The tank maintains consistent high product quality with a separate inlet and outlet to eliminate product recirculation and gentle agitation that protects particle integrity and ensures even distribution. The optional slow paddle-type agitator enables it to handle a wide range of products – from low to high viscous, smooth to particulate products.


Multi-functional processing unit for prepared foods

2000l and 3000l

Low to high viscous high acid products​​


High Hygiene tank
Production flexibility

Balancing capacity between pasteurizer and filling system

Buffering low to high viscous products with or without particles, with or without agitator, to avoid product losses and recirculation.