Tetra Pak® Rack Brining system

Quality brining, the finishing touch

  • Consistent product quality thanks to carefully controlled brining process
  • System can be customized to suit a variety of plant layouts and production needs
  • Hygienic design and process control enhance food safety
Tetra Pak® Rack Brining system

Tetra Pak® Rack Brining system​ for semi-hard and hard cheeses

The Tetra Pak® Rack Brining System is an advanced system used for brining of semi-hard cheeses. Brining racks are loaded with cheeses and placed in a brine basin. All operations – loading the racks, placing them in a brine basin and in the unloading station – are fully automated. The system includes a rack rinsing unit integrated with a dedicated CIP station, girder crane and brine microfiltration. The racks can be loaded with cheese in a dry or wet environment. depending of the shape and type of cheese. ​


  • Consistent accurate salt uptake thanks to carefully controlled brining process
  • The system can be easily customized to suit a variety of plant layouts and production needs
  • Hygienic design


Protect what's good

Gentle, multi format rack loading

Cheeses are efficiently loaded partly under the brine level, layer by layer in the brining racks. After loading one shelf the cheese are directly immerged in the brine solution. The rack loading concept is set up in such a way that it can handle different cheese formats.

Adaptable layout

Adaptable layout

Dedicated solution for the individual plant

The size of the brining system can be aligned to suit your production capacity and the type of cheese being produced (both of which affect brining time). The layout of the brining system can be adapted to fit the available space in your plant.



Enhancing control over your production

Thanks to the Tetra Pak® control system, batches of cheese are tracked from start to finish and can be easily identified at any point in the production process. This gives you access to both real time and historic information about each batch, thereby improving quality control. Should there be a quality issue, the system makes it possible to trace the issue back to a single batch, thereby limiting recalls.

Brine circulation

Brine circulation

Gives uniform product quality

The brine is continuously circulated around the cheese inside the brining vat, keeping conditions stable and ensuring a consistent end product quality. To maintain the overall quality of the brine in the system, any overflow brine is led into a separate treatment section where it is filtered, cooled and its composition is adjusted.