An accurate and consistent dosing process for powder

Weighing equipment measures the quantity of product during the dosing process, and these are the main types of equipment used to create an accurate flow of powder:

Screw Conveyor
A screw conveyor for powders consists of a shaft to which a spiral with specific pitch is welded. The spiral rotates inside a tube actuated by a geared motor. It is regularly used as a volumetric dosing accessory in the powder industry.

Vibrating conveyor
An empty tube is vibrated by two unbalanced motors or by one electromagnetic vibrator.

The centrifugal force created by the motors transmits controlled vibrations to the tube that makes the product move forward. The dosing operation is controlled with the frequency and intensity of vibrations.

Volumetric feeder DN
The volumetric feeder is a combination of a continuous powder feeder and small screw conveyors. The feeder consists of a rotating blade which prevents powder vaulting inside the feeding hopper and allows constant and uniform density when feeding the dosing screw.

The small screw conveyors are powered by a synchronous motor for very accurate dosing.

Rotary valve
A rotary valve is built with a stator and a multi-well rotor creating pockets for powder.

When rotating, the speed of the rotor enables flow regulation.

Tetra Pak Powder Feeder DN061

Tetra Pak® Powder Feeder DN061

The Tetra Pak® Powder Feeder DN061 is an accurate, versatile and efficient feeder.