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Promoting Green: Sustainable Operations Benefit the Planet – and Your Business

Your favorite food and beverage brands know that recycling is important, but there’s more to the story. Find out why food and beverage companies utilize sustainable products and operations to build consumer loyalty.

Industry 4.0: How Food & Beverage Manufacturers Benefit

Food and beverage manufacturers are operating in the era of Industry 4.0, a technology-fueled time where innovation makes manufacturing smarter every day.

New Technologies Behind Extending Milk Shelf Life

Extending the shelf life of milk products can be a distinct competitive advantage. Alternative technologies help brands boost their competitive advantage.


FoodPIC at UGA

Tetra Pak and University of Georgia launch North America's first Tetra Recart® trial facility

The Food Product Innovation and Commercialization Center (FoodPIC) supports development of food products from concept to shelf.

Technical Training Center

Tetra Pak expands Technical Training Center in Denton, Texas

Open to both Tetra Pak employees and customers, the center will facilitate robust in-person and virtual training across various topics and equipment lines.

Blanca Silva

Tetra Pak Employee Honored with the 2023 Women in Supply Chain Award

Production Manager, Blanca Silva is recognized for her contributions and commitment to innovation excellence at Tetra Pak.

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