Why Shelf Stable?

Tetra Pak® Aseptic cartons keep dairy milk safe and nutritious. When unopened, our aseptic cartons can be stored without refrigeration for six months or more, will last over school breaks or unanticipated interruptions, and can travel safely at room temperature. The rectangular, compact cartons are also easy to stack and store efficiently.
shelf stable milk for schools

Safe and Delicious

Each Tetra Pak® Aseptic carton is filled with dairy milk that has been processed using Ultra High Temperature (UHT) treatment. This process heats the milk to a high temperature for a short period of time, killing harmful bacteria and allowing the milk to stay safe and nutritious longer – without the need for preservatives and no loss of nutrients – when packaged in shelf stable cartons.
safe school milk

Who is it for?

Shelf Stable Milk for Schools is designed to deliver benefits to milk producers/processors, school districts, and school personnel by cutting costs, reducing carbon footprints, expanding access, and saving time.

school milk for producers

Milk Producers/Processors

  • No need for chilled distribution.
  • Reduce delivery frequency to schools while maintaining the same level of supply.
  • Enjoy decreased CO2 emissions to the equivalent of 248 driving miles¹.
  • Achieve business growth through supply opportunities to a broader geography.
  • Transport the compact, rectangular cartons more easily than other packaging types.

¹J. Public Health

School Districts and Schools

School Districts and Schools

  • Easily store in bulk, eliminating the need for “hot shot” orders.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions up to 28.5% due to decreased waste.
  • Save more than $0.06 per unit per school with reduced deliveries.
  • Increase school safety with fewer people coming into the school buildings.
  • Rural schools or schools with smaller economies of scale can more easily access nutritious dairy milk.

Parents and Students

Parents and Students

  • Students can safely take unopened cartons home to enjoy later.
  • Perfect for school backpack programs.
  • Assurance that students are getting safe, nutritious milk at school.