Cleaning equipment for powder handling

Save up to one hour per cleaning cycle by letting air do the job!

Cleaning paddle mixers  is a time-consuming job that can take about 90 minutes for one operator. Compare this to our new cleaning method using Air Jet technology that takes only 30 minutes each time. The launch of Tetra Pak® Air Jet Cleaning system for Powder introduced a brand-new patented technology in powder handling. Jets of compressed air are used to break the interaction between particles and stainless steel surfaces and between the particles themselves. The powerful air jets suspend powder particles so they can be extracted from the mixer using a vacuum system.

Tetra Pak Air Jet Cleaning system for Powder with highlighted equipment

Tetra Pak® Air Jet Cleaning System for Powder

Save one hour per cleaning cycle, switch easily from one recipe to another, reduce the risk of contamination with Tetra Pak Air Jet Cleaning system for Powder.