Working with our stakeholders

Learn how we collaborate with our key stakeholder groups.


We actively engage customers around responsible supply chains, for example through responsible sourcing practices. We are applying independent certification and labelling, and working together with suppliers, NGOs, food and beverage manufacturers, and other stakeholders to promote system-wide action.

We support school feeding programmes and Dairy Hubs initiatives with our technical, market and processing and packaging expertise, in collaboration with local stakeholders and food and beverage manufacturers.

We work with partners across our markets, including food and beverage manufacturers, to improve and expand the local collection, sorting, and recycling capacity. This contributes to the correct disposal of and recycling of carton packaging, generating new value through circular economy infrastructure.

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We have prioritised responsible sourcing as a strategic objective for our business and our supply chain operation, as a signatory to the UN Global Compact. By sharing best practices, setting ambitious targets, and reviewing progress continually, our ambition is to act for nature in our own operations and supply chain, and encourage our suppliers to drive such behaviours in their own value chains.

We require that all suppliers commit to our Supplier Code of Conduct, based on the UNGC principles around environment, labour, anti-corruption and human rights.

We have adopted the EcoVadis and Sedex methodologies to consistently identify, monitor, and manage social, environmental, and ethical supply chain risks, and compliance requirements.

We have launched “Join Us in Protecting the Planet” environmental sustainability initiative and set out twenty actionsfocused on climate, biodiversity and circularity for our base material suppliers to work on by 2030.

We are working with our suppliers to reduce our Scope 3 GHG emissions by 50% by 2030 and to net zero by 2050, compared to 2019. 


We have made it our priority to attract and retain the best talent, promote wellbeing and occupational health and safety with a goal of zero accidents and work-related ill health, and ensure a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture, where all employees can thrive, learn, and grow.

  • We prioritise the occupational health and safety of every single employee
  • We encourage diverse, inclusive workplaces
  • We offer extensive learning and development opportunities
  • We creatively engage and recognise our talent

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We work with industry organisations, non-governmental and international organisations (NGOs and IGOs) and multistakeholder initiatives around the world to raise awareness of sustainability issues, promote good practice and support specific projects. 

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Protecting Food

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Protecting People

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Protecting Planet

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