Safeguarding and enabling our people and supporting communities where we operate.

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How we do it

People are critical to our success and that starts within our own business. Ultimately, it is our employees who deliver on our vision. That’s why their learning and development is so critical, as is ensuring a fair and inclusive work environment for all. We also act on our responsibility to protect the health and safety of employees, partners and customers and have therefore made it a key business priority.

Our work to protect people extends into our communities, for example our work around child health and nutrition, sustainable livelihoods and economic development. We are focused on supporting those who live and work where we operate and we strive to play a responsible and active role at a local level through a wide range of initiatives.


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Safe, healthy workplaces

We strive to ensure that individuals are free from harm during every project and activity. We believe that working as a team is the best way to achieve our aim of zero accidents and work-related illnesses.

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Diversity and inclusion

We aspire to a work culture in which diversity is integral, evident and valued for the benefits it brings us. Our business’s ongoing success is rooted in maintaining a truly diverse workforce, where every employee is respected, included, engaged and fully contributing.

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We want to attract the very best people, and we want our employees to enjoy long and rewarding careers with us. This means building a high-performance culture that encourages people to thrive and succeed.

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Engagement and recognition

Our success depends on our people performing at their best – and for this they need to feel motivated, connected and valued. By making sure our employees are engaged, we create a culture of personal responsibility, diversity and innovation.

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Our work to protect people extends into our communities, for example our work around child health and nutrition, sustainable livelihoods and economic development.

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Tetra Pak expert voices

In 2017, Gabriele became Director of Future Talent and Future Work, and is busy working on various projects to create a more modern work environment across our company. Read her thoughts on the central role of diversity and inclusion to the long-term success and sustainability of Tetra Pak.

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