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Welcome to Automation and digitalisation Insights. Here you will find our latest insights, trends, tips and advice, facts and data on automation and digitalisation solutions for food production. Explore the pages to learn more about the advantages our automation solutions creates for customers around the world and the new possibilities it could create for your operations.

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Automation webinar, turn data into savings

Turn your data into real savings with automation and digital solutions

Are you looking to improve your productivity and increase the control of your production? Whatever your starting point or goals, we’ll help you take your operation to the next level. Watch our webinar

Automation webinar

Automation webinar – digital transformation

Digital transformation is a key player in revolutionizing the way the manufacturing industry works. Learn how to streamline your production and drive efficiency in your processes as our experts discuss the automation and digital solutions we provide to the food and beverage industry.

Girl looking at hologram, connected package

Connected package - give your products digital life

Webinar: Connected Package - give your products a digital life. Find out how is digitalisation changing the role of food packaging