Carbonization refers to the process of dissolving carbon dioxide into a liquid to make it fizzy.

​​​​​​​​​Carbonization equipment for aseptic and chilled carbonated products 

Carbonization is not just about adding bubbles to a beverage, but also, once added, about keeping them there. There is an art to this.

Carbon dioxide is a colourless, odourless gas that is soluble in water. How easily the gas is dissolved depends on the temperature, pressure and required brix level. Its solubility decreases as the sugar content of the liquid increases. The liquid therefore has to be held at precisely the right pressure for the carbon dioxide to be dissolved properly.

Employing static mixing along with accurate flow, pressure and temperature controls, Tetra Pak’s carbonization equipment gives you the desired result. Our knowledge and experience – combined with our advanced equipment - means we can also help you carbonize cost-efficiently.
Tetra Pak is one of the few companies to offer processing equipment for aseptic as well as chilled (pasteurized) carbonated products.

In 2014 Tetra Pak acquired Miteco, A Switzerland based company and a leading provider of process solutions for carbonated soft drinks, fruit juices and liquid food. More products related to carbonated soft drinks can be found on the Miteco web site

Carbonization equipment

Tetra Alblend carboblender

Tetra Alblend® carboblender

Tetra Alblend® is optimized for accurate, efficient in-line blending and carbonation of soft drinks with low operational and raw material costs

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