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New building for Tetra Pak at Waikato Innovation Park

Waikato Innovation Park has signed an agreement with existing tenant, Tetra Pak, to construct a custom-built national headquarters on its Hamilton East campus.

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Focus on Tetra Pak - December 2014 - Tetra Pak introduces new package for smaller households

Tetra Pak® has introduced a new 500ml package in the popular Tetra Brik® Aseptic Edge family to help customers meet consumer demand for smaller pack sizes.

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Focus on Tetra Pak - December 2014 - Machine condition monitoring reduces costs

Lower maintenance costs and increased production time result from COSMOS, a unique online monitoring system for rotating components in dairy separators.

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Focus on Tetra Pak - December 2014 - Carton recycling myths debunked

Cheryl Speechley, Environment Manager, Tetra Pak® Oceania, helps to dispel some myths about carton recycling.

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Boy Recycling

Making recycling work

Recycling is not our business, but it is our business to make recycling work. Tetra Pak acts as catalyst in the recycling business. We do not own or operate any collection infrastructure or recycling plants. Instead we cooperate with all key stakeholders including recyclers, waste management companies, public institutions and others to achieve our recycling goal.

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Global News

​​​​Tetra Pak launches Marketing Services to help brands fast-track food and beverage product innovation

The Marketing Services programme provides tailor-made support to food and beverage brands in the challenging world of product innovation.

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Tetra Rex® Bio-based wins top award for ‘Sustainable Innovation’

Tetra Pak has won another award for its revolutionary Tetra Rex Bio-based - The World’s First Renewable Package.

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More children than ever get school milk in Tetra Pak packages

To celebrate the annual World School Milk Day, initiated by UN FAO, Tetra Pak announces the growing number of children being reached by milk in schools

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Entire content of Dairy Processing Handbook now free online

The entire contents of the Dairy Processing Handbook are now also available for free online reference and consultation upon registration

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Tetra Pak® TR/G7: the new low-cost, high performing filling machine

Tetra Pak TR/G7 is a new low cost, easy-to-operate high performance filling machine for chilled distribution. Capacity 6500 gable top packages per hour.

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Ambient drinking yoghurt: untapped global potential

Ambient drinking yoghurt, an entirely new category of dairy drinks, has taken China by storm since its launch in 2010.

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Environment an increasingly important factor in consumers’ purchasing decisions

In a global consumer survey more than three-quarters claimed that environmentally sound packaging has an influence on the beverage brand they buy.

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Tetra Evero Aseptic now available for enriched dairy products

Tetra Evero Aseptic is now available to pack products with oxygen sensitive enrichments, thanks to new barrier material made of high density polyethylene in top

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