Blending is the process of combining liquids that are easily dissolved to form a homogenous liquid.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Blending equipment for high quality and consistent results

In most cases, a sugar solution and concentrate are blended together to make a pre-mix. Water is added to this to produce the final beverage.

In other cases, a second premix is made using powder and water. This can be blended with the first to get a different kind of end product. The key to success is always to combine quality ingredients in exact proportions so as to achieve a consistent taste, colour, texture or other desired characteristic.

Blending can be done manually in batches or automatically in a continuous, in-line process. Your choice of method will depend on your priorities. For example, if your end product is based on expensive raw materials, maximising yield and minimising product losses are likely to be key. In this case, we would recommend using our continuous in-line blending system, which is among the best on the market. It offers precise and reliable flow and includes a built-in density meter to ensure a perfect result every time.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for the lowest possible start-up investment, batch blending is a more economical solution. Taking a holistic view of your production, Tetra Pak can provide the right blending equipment and design the right process to match your production priorities.

In 2014 Tetra Pak acquired Miteco, A Switzerland based company and a leading provider of process solutions for soft drinks, fruit juices and liquid food. More products related to blending can be found on the Miteco web site:

Equipment for blending

Tetra Alblend SA final beverage

Tetra Alblend® SA final beverage

Tetra Alblend® is optimized for high precision, in-line blending of a wide range of beverages with low operational and raw material costs.

Tetra Alblend SA final syrup

Tetra Alblend® SA final syrup

Tetra Alblend® is optimized for accurate, efficient in-line blending of concentrates to final syrup with low product losses and reduced raw material costs

Tetra Alfast B4

Tetra Alfast®

Tetra Alfast® a high performance unit designed for automatic in-line blending of dairy products and in-line standardiz​ation of the fat, SNF, TS and protein content in the finished product.

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