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Arla assured superior standardisation with latest Tetra Pak unit

Milk standardisation is an indispensable process and at Arla Foods’s Palmers Green dairy in London a new Tetra Pak® Standardisation unit is making that process more reliable, stable and accurate than ever before.

​Josette Bogerman, Regional Project Manager at Arla Foods says the cooperative had to replace three obsolete standardisers. “Then we heard about the new equipment from Tetra Pak,” she says. “It was perfect for us to try a new unit at that point in time.” Arla Foods’ requirements were to minimize the downtime to three days. “That is exceptional for us,” she says. “I love working with Tetra Pak. They gave us the right guarantees. We would never have had the commitment from anyone else to do it in three days.”

The standardisation unit is designed for automatic in-line standardisation of the fat content in milk and cream directly after milk separation. It is a highly reliable system based on extensively tested and refined automation software and high-performance, high-quality components such as flow transmitters and regulation valves. “As for reliability – we haven’t seen it down – it’s always running,” Bogerman says. “We had a single issue and Tetra Pak dealt with it within the same day. We suspected we would have problems, since it was a​ field test, but it’s been a valuable experience for us.”

Mackie's make continuous improvement

Family owned Mackie’s is one of Scotland’s best known vertically integrated food and farming brands. Apart from producing 11 million litres of ice cream per year from the farm’s dairy herd it generates more renewable energy than it uses and makes its own recyclable ice cream tubs.

The case for green production was part of the rationale for replacing older freezers with new generation Tetra Pak® S1500 A2 continuous models. The new freezers reduce ice cream mix waste during start-up, save energy during freezing and give better process control overall. Better control keeps the ice cream crystals smaller and improves texture. For more information contact


Tetra Pak’s New Condition Monitoring Service Slashes Downtime and Cuts Costs for Food and Beverage Manufacturers

New Condition Monitoring service to help food and beverage manufacturers predict machine failures before they occur cutting machine downtime and costs

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Tetra Pak Adopts Microsoft HoloLens to Speed-up Issue Resolution for Food Manufacturers

Tetra Pak is revolutionising its issues diagnosis and resolution service, using augmented reality to reduce machine downtime and productivity loss

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Tetra Pak pioneers new generation of digital technologies to boost efficiency for customers

Digital technologies to improve the ability to predict machine failures, accelerating response times and giving customers faster access to our expertise

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Full range of Tetra Pak eBeam-based filling machines now available

The full range of Tetra Pak E3 machines, which is based on the revolutionary eBeam technology, is now ready for customer rollout.

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Tetra Pak Launches Two New On-the-Go Packages

Two new portion size packages, the Tetra Prisma Aseptic 200 and 250 Edge for the fast growing on-the-go beverage market.

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Tetra Pak responds to rapid market growth with online Coconut Handbook

With global demand for coconut-based products racing ever higher, Tetra Pak has launched a free online version of its acclaimed Coconut Handbook.

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Tetra Pak acquires leading manufacturer of mozzarella cheese making equipment

Tetra Pak has acquired Johnson Industries International a leading manufacturer of mozzarella cheese making equipment

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Tetra Pak to open new closures production facility in Asia​​​

​Tetra Pak is to build a new plant at its Rayong site in Thailand, dedicated to producing closures for carton packaging.​​​

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