Munich, Germany

​​​​Think. Make. Start.

A five-day prototyping workshop

4-8 June 2018, Munich, Germany

In early June, employees from Tetra Pak Services will team up with tech students for five days of innovation, creativity and fun. The teams will get their teeth into topics like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Data-enabled solutions.

The event is not about creating stuff just for the fun of it. The purpose is very much business-oriented: we want to develop new digital solutions that can bring true value to our customers. We also want to give Tetra Pak employees a firsthand experience of rapid prototyping and agile methodologies. In other words, learn and adapt new ways of working to continue to drive the digitalisation of our industry. 

From idea generation to prototype

The teams have five days to come up with an idea, create a prototype and pitch it to Tetra Pak Services management. 

The hackathon concept Think. Make. Start. is the brainchild of the people at UnternehmerTUM, the center of innovation and business creation at TU Munich. It is not the first time we partner up with them, and a summary of the process reads as follows:

Think covers the early stages of validating and iterating the idea. Make is about creating the prototype during the event. We then move on to the Start stage, where the best ideas will get resources to launch a project.

Starting June 4, there will be live streams from the event on our Facebook page​. Make sure you join us there!

While you’re waiting for things to kick off, check out our Digitalisation of services video on YouTube and our Innovation Creates Value website.

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